Absolute Uninstaller
Absolute Uninstaller is a software application for Windows.
Absolute Uninstaller is an adware uninstaller application: Effectively uninstall programs by fully removing registry entries and program files. The download is available as an EXE file and the latest version is

Main Details

Web links and company details
PublisherGlarysoft (1 listed)
Publisher Homepagehttp://www.glarysoft.com/
NameAbsolute Uninstaller
HeadlineEffectively uninstall programs by fully removing registry entries and program files.

Trust Ratings

How trusted is this software publisher?
Virus tests Absolute Uninstaller is clean of viruses and malware.
Google Safebrowsing This publisher is safe.
5 / 10
Trust Rank
9 / 10
Domain Rating 91 / 100
This publisher is trusted. [High Confidence]
LO4D RankingCurrently ranks 25th (of 62) in terms of popularity
User Rating4.6 / 5.0 (based on 18 votes).
ReviewYes, by Felix Cheng.

Version History

Old versions of Absolute Uninstaller
Current versionAbsolute Uninstaller (4.29 MB)
Release statusMajor release with minor updates, builds and revisions.
Version: V5 Minor: 3 Build: 1 Revision: 21
Old versions,,,,
Distributed asEXE (Windows Executable)
Found withAbsolute Uninstaller has most often been found with absolute uninstaller, absolute uninstaller portable and absolute uninstaller review.

It may also be found on other top-tier sites such as Softpedia, MajorGeeks or FileHippo.
Compatible withWindows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

License and Usage

What you can and cannot do
Released asFreeware
RestrictionsCompletely free with no restrictions.
EULAGlarysoft includes an EULA which must be accepted in order to complete installation.
Pricetag$0.00 (Free to use)